Mineral Water

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12 × 330ml per carton

Total Coliforms ND(<1.8)
Fecal Coliforms ND(<1.8)
Temperature 23.9
Bicarbonate Alkalinity as CaCO 204
Carbonate Alkalinity as CaCO₃ ND(<0.5)
Total Alkalinity as CaCO₃ 204
Ammoniacal Nitrogen as N 0.0807
Cyanide as Cn ND(<0.01)
Dissolved Oxygen 5.95
Total Hardness as CaCO3 152
Phosphate as PO4 ND(<0.08)
Sulphate as SO4 0.791
Mercury as Hg ND(<0.0008)
Aluminium as Al 0.0130
Cadmium as Cd ND(<0.002)
Magnesium as Mg 0.974
Manganese as Mn 0.643
Potassium as K 3.00
Selenium as Se ND(<0.01)
Silver as Ag ND(<0.006)
pH @ 25°C 6.76
Turbidity 1.16
Chlordane ND(<0.00002)
Lindane / Gamma-Lindane ND(<0.00002)
Heptachlor Epoxide ND(<0.00002)
Methoxychlor ND(<0.00002)
(2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid) 1.16
Anionic Detergent as MBAS ND(<1.8)
Phenol ND(<0.001)
Oil and Grease ND(<0.5)
Silica as SiO₂ 30.3
Total solids 286
Total dissolved solids 286
Oil and Grease ND(<0.5)
Chloride as Cl ND(<0.001)
Fluoride as F 2.49
Nitrate Nitrogen as N 0.0349
Calcium as Ca 57.0
Chromium as Cr ND(<0.01)
Copper as Cu ND(<0.04)
Iron as Fe 0.160
Lead as Pb ND(<0.01)
Sodium as Na 18.3
Zinc as Zn 0.00600
Arsenic as As ND(<0.0005)
Colour ND(<5)
Conductivity 382
Mineral Oil ND(<0.1)
Aldrin ND(<0.00002)
Dieldrin ND(<0.00002)
Heptachlor ND(<0.00002)
Hexachlorobenzene ND(<0.00001)
pp-DDT ND(<0.00002)

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